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We are a group of passionate art lovers who are very excited to present these treasured masterpieces to the world through our products.

What sets us apart is this interesting personalisation feature we have developed, where you may choose to add a “dash of you” using your own prints or from our vast collection to create your own custom-made product.

We are dedicated to provide you with high quality and unique products, while simultaneously showcasing artworks all at a price that will be easy on your wallets.

When you purchase from us, you can be assured of our professional commitment to provide you with nothing but the best. Your satisfaction is our promise.

And if you sell through us, rest assured it will be marketed in the best possible way without any infringement on your autonomy.

Do give us a chance to provide you with a one of a kind experience with art!

Want to collaborate with us to sell your artwork? Please email us at pixodecor@gmail.com.