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1. Delivery and Shipping

2. Ordering

3. Product

4. Image

5. Payment

6. Collaborating with Us

7. Getting Paid


1. Delivery and Shipping


How long does it take to receive my ordered item?


It would take 2 to 3 working days to deliver the product. Please email us* if your order has not been shipped within 3 working days and we will assists you as soon as possible


Our shipping timeframe is below:



How much is shipping and delivery?


It is FREE for standard shipping.  For express shipping, the shipping fee may vary by destination and the size of your order. Shipping fees will be shown upon checkout.



How can I track my order?


Orders will be delivered by registered mail service or other delivery services depending on the destination. We will email you the tracking information when the order is shipped. Please note that carrier's tracking information may only be available in 2-3 business days after the order is shipped.


2. Ordering


How can I be sure my order was placed successfully?


We will send you a confirmation email after every completed purchase. If you did not receive this confirmation or have any other queries about your order, please email us*.


How do I make changes to my order?


Simply email us* within 24 hours. Be sure to include your order number and details of change in your email.


Where do I input my Coupon Code?


Place your order as usual and when you reach the cart page, enter your Coupon Code in the “Coupon code” field and click “Apply coupon” button. The discount amount will be displayed for each applicable item.


For the discount for the Shipping Charge, it will be displayed in the Check-Out page after you enter the Delivery Address.


What is your return policy?


If you are not happy with your order, do not hesitate to contact us via email* as soon as possible. You will need to take pictures depicting your concerns. We will work with you to guarantee your satisfaction.


Should you wish to return your item(s), please email us with the reason of return within 10 days from the receiving your order. Returns without prior communication with us will not be accepted.

3. Product


Which cases can I customize?


Currently we have the cases for the following phone models:

- Apple: iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus / iPhone 5S / iPhone 5C / iPhone 5 / iPhone 4

- Samsung Galaxy: Note 4 / Note 3


We will introduce more phone brands and models as time goes by. For updates, please check our social medias sites.


What is the color and finish of the Phone Case?


Our phone cases are translucent and not crystal clear. Our cases are made of hard polycarbonate material, not from soft rubber or silicon.


4. Image


What is your privacy policy with regards to the use of my images?


We’ll never use your images in any manner other than to print them for you. You may check out our Privacy Policy.


What is the requirement of an image in order to make the best possible print?


While we specialize in working with images of all sizes, typically a file size of 200KB or greater is enough for us to print for Phone Case.


Please note that some social networks (e.g. Facebook) will compress the image and reduce the image resolution when uploading. We recommend you to use the image with the higher original resolution to preserve more detail of image. You can use the following guideline for a better image quality:


- Select the High Quality option when you upload the photo to social networks


- Upload your original image taken by camera or phone, instead of uploading the image from a social network.


Your uploaded image size is displayed in the bottom-left corner of the Product Customization screen. Alert message will be displayed if the image does not meet the minimum requirement for the selected product.


What image file types do you accept through the site?


Our web uploader accepts JPEG and PNG.


If you have an image file type not supported by our uploader, please email us*. We will provide you with alternate solutions.


How can I print the image with transparent background?


Image should be saved in PNG format with alpha transparency. On the Internet, there are many web utilities that can help you convert your background to transparent.


Our web customization interface fully supports PNG file with alpha transparency. You can choose your color of your phone to see how the image is matched with your phone, directly on our product customization screen.


5. Payment


Do you accept Credit Card payment besides PayPal?


We do accept credit card payment. You can use the Credit Card on the PayPal payment page without having or logging to PayPal account.


6. Collaborating with Us


How can I join your artist collection to sell my design?


We welcome all artists around the world to join our artist collection. Artists will get paid from each sale. Please email us* with the link to your portfolio and social media accounts.


7. Getting Paid


When do I get paid?


Payments are usually processed before the 7th day of the month, with a 30 day per purchase grace period from date of sale. Example, if you sell something on 20 Aug, it is clear on 20 Sep and then the payment is processed before 7 Oct. This grace period is to cater for any returned or cancelled purchase.


How much do I need to make before I get paid?


There is payment threshold USD20 or SGD30. If you have reached this threshold, you will get to paid in the next payment cycle.

If you have not reached this threshold, you can request to get paid. Please submit your request via email. Special request payments usually take up to 7 days to process.


How do I view a record of my sales and payments?


You can find a complete record of your sales in the Order Detail. Your Payment History provides a complete account of any previous payments made. It includes the date of payment, the method of payment, and the amount paid.


* Email us at sevice@pixodecor.com