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Sam Shan
Sam Shan was born in Burma (Myanmar) and lives in San Francisco where he is studying fashion design. He has wanted to design clothes since he was a little boy, influenced by helping his grandmother who was a seamstress. He draws inspiration from themes found in nature, history and culture. His designs have been seen at many fashion shows around the Bay Area. His dresses have featured in an editorial piece forClich茅, Kirameki, Fashion Xchange and Giuseppina magazine. He has been featured in recent articles in both the Bay Area Reporter and The San Francisco Chronicle. He plans to expand his fashion presence throughout the West Coast and back into his home region of Myanmar, Malaysia and Singapore.
Instagram: instagram.com/Sam_Shan
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He | She Sam Shan
Be My Blue Sam Shan
Ballerina Sam Shan
Color Ballons Sam Shan
The Flower Girl Sam Shan
Lady Dior Sam Shan
Rainy Day, I love you, Mom. Sam Shan
Artisanal Sam Shan
Lady Dior on Clear Background Sam Shan
Towel Series Sam Shan
Wonderland Sam Shan